Ferrari F430 Modena

New 2005 Ferrari F430 Modena - Ferrari is planning a much more radical facelift of the 360 Modena, which is expected to be released late next year. Concern about dropping behind its rivals, which include the shortly to be released "baby" Lamborghini L140, as well as the lukewarm reception that the facelifted 575M has received since its launch earlier this year, has pushed Ferrari into greater changes than originally envisioned. The new 2005 Ferrari F430 Modena will be fitted with Ferrari's new 4.2-litre V8 engine which is already fitted to the new Maserati Coupe and Spyder. However to keep Ferrari above Maserati, the 184kg engine is expected to be tuned to produce around 465bhp, 75bhp more than in the Maserati. Styling will be overhauled, the 360 Modena has come in for criticism for its bland looks and a much more distinctive styling is expected, possibly drawing cues from the new Enzo supercar. It is believed that the 2005 Ferrari will be known as the "F430 Modena", and is scheduled to make its debut in September next year, several months after its Lamborghini rival.

Ferrari F430 Modena - 2005 Ferrari F430 Modena - 2005

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