Ferrari F430 Modena

New Ferrari F430 Modena

A site dedicated to the awesome Ferrari Modena. Sex on wheels, as it is sometimes described, the Ferrari Modena is a luscious looking / performing automobile. The 2005 Ferrari F430 Modena is no exception.

There is not a soul alive that wouldnt kill to get their hands on one. If this were legal perhaps this would be more common so for the most we can only dream of owning such a car. Well this site should give you the next best experience to owning one. So dive in and check it out.

History of Ferrari
The name Ferrari is synonymous with power, performance, and speed. When many think of their "dream car" it's a sleek, rumbling Ferrari going 180 miles per hour down the highway. Since it's humble beginnings in 1947, the Ferrari stable has always been stocked with some magnificent machines.

Enzo Ferrari was born on February 18, 1898 near Modena, Italy. He saw his first motor race at the age of 10, and could drive by the time he was 13. Connected for many years with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari himself built a only a few sports cars bearing his own name and his famous prancing horse badge.

Ferrari Facts